Walnut Logging Specialists

Learn More About Your Trees

If you have walnut trees on your property and are unsure of how they should be processed or removed,we encourage you to give us a call.We will arrive on site and give you a proper assessment as well as advising you on what the best course of action should be.


Logging means cutting down a tree to be used for lumber.This skill requires a well trained saw man and crew to maintain the value of the logs.If logging is not performed correctly,a once valuable lumber log becomes firewood.

The value of walnut trees is based on several factors,including the following:

  • Locale
  • Height
  • Trunk diameter
  • Where the tree branches begin
  • What ,if any,defects the tree holds

If you have walnut trees that need to be removed,give us a call for a free honest evaluation.Based on the size and condition of the tree,we may be able to complete the job at no cost to you.In some cases you might even make money!

For more information on our logging services,call Treeretrievers LLC today at 262-949-0024